Double Dribbble


For years, I’ve resisted blogging. For a while, I photoblogged religiously and I started accompanying blogs with stories attached to the photos because that’s what my contemporaries were doing. I realized quickly I suck at discussing my life: I got up. Went to work. Took photos of some Minneapolis punk kids (with fabulous hair). Processed photos. Went to bed. Lather (not so fabulous hair). Rinse. Repeat.

Then I got busy with work and I grew tired of late nights at the Entry guzzling PBR. Furthermore, it became difficult to find positive, compelling stories from my mundane, everyday life to discuss.

This new site was born to showcase my work as a Creative Director and Product Designer, but more importantly, as a medium to blog. I concluded that I don’t need to talk about myself so much and that I could discuss the things I’m passionate about: design and technology.

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As a designer, I wanted to find a way to showcase my work and I know that people won’t just stumble across my site so I created an account on Dribbble.

Unlike most non-beta social networks the “show and tell for designers” requires an invite to get in and start posting. Once my buddy Mark hooked me up, I posted my “Debut” and I immediately started getting likes and comments. Validating? Sort of. I was hoping to connect with designers local to me but instead the likes came from all over the world and the pessimist in me suspects that my “fans” are actually trolls hoping I’ll click into their profile. So far, their strategy seems to be working.

When I started Dribbbbbbbbling, I noticed I was assigned a limited number of uploads per month. This is genius and I wish other social networks would adopt this. I love Instagram but do you really need to post 6 shots in a row of unappetizing lasagne from some shitty restaurant? I’ve often thought that Instagram should institute a timer so you can’t “livegram” that poorly lit band at the Triple Rock. Having a limit makes you carefully select your upload.

You can also post GIFs. That’s pretty cool.

I’ll keep at it for a while so if you’re a designer and want to connect, get at me.