The decision to drop Kinect is an admission of failure. When it was first announced in 2013, Kinect 2.0 showed a lot of promise including some pretty neat voice features.

The voice commands, however, have been totally hit or miss. Kinect 2.0 was supposed to learn your voice patterns and evolve.

I’ve owned the Xbox One for over a year now and by now it should know that I want to watch TBS as opposed to PBS (it’s very funny). We have a good understanding when it comes to “xbox on” but “xbox turn off” doesn’t work that well for me. A sceptic could surmise that Microsoft doesn’t want me to turn the console off.

Now, Microsoft has ditched Kinect from it’s base package and developers have that integrated the sensor have been few and far between so it looks like for now it’s “kinect off”.

Kinect.. off.